Poker: For Action, Fun, or Profit

Here are a few simple questions.

Why do you want to play poker online? For the challenge? Just for fun? To make friends around the world? Maybe you have no alternative because there is not a casino or card room where you live?

Let’s take these questions one at a time:
If you’re in it for the challenge, you’ve chosen the right game. It’s very challenging. There are many players across the globe who are more than willing to put in the time and energy to be very skilled at online poker. You’ll absolutely have to improve your online game to be profitable.

Are you in it for fun? Well, you’re sure to have some fun, as long as you don’t play beyond your means or your bankroll. Play for the right stakes and it will always remain fun.
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Perhaps there is no casino or card room in your area and you play online poker because you have no alternative. That’s completely reasonable and makes sense. But you, and everyone else, will still have to answer the two most important questions regarding the playing of online poker:
Are you in it for the action? Or are you in it to make a profit?
Take your time. There is no wrong answer.

It’s fine if you love poker action. It can be a lot of fun: Playing lots of hands; picking short handed games; rarely checking or calling; raising often. However, turning a long term profit this way is very challenging because just a couple of wrong moves and downswings may quickly drain your bankroll dry.
If on the other hand you are in it to make a profit, then you are associated with a group of elite poker professionals and enthusiasts who make it their business, day in and day out, to study the deep and fascinating game called poker.

These players are taking poker very seriously and they all know one thing for certain: The majority of online poker players will lose money in the long run – which is good news for them. At PTN we would like that bit of information to be good news for you too.

This will require making a choice: Which player will you be? A losing player in the majority, or a winning player in the minority?
It’s important to look at all of these questions in an honest way because the world of online poker is fraught with pitfalls and danger. Not physical danger perhaps, but danger none the less. It can be dangerous because it is so very, very fast. And in an accelerated game environment, a player’s mistakes can be greatly magnified.

So, once again, are you in it for the action, or are you in it to make a profit?
How honest with yourself you are willing to be may be a determining factor in how profitable you will be as a poker player.