The Beginnings of Cheltenham Betting

Cheltenham betting was first established in the year 1902 with just simply a skeletal structure of races over the course of three days, as years passed by, there are already number of showpiece races that have been intermittently added to the festival, but don’t you know that this Cheltenham betting festival was first organize nearly one hundred years ago back to the time when races were still held on Nottingham Hill near Cheltenham. The original racing track in Nottingham hill was destroyed by vigilantes then led by a local priest known as Reverend Francis Close who believes that horse racing are one of the greatest evils of all times.

And so the festival was transferred to Cheltenham and it was then called Cheltenham betting festival, originally the festival was held for over two days but it was in 1904 that the first National Hunt steeple chase was organize in a four mile run. By the year 1924 it took its own name and in the year 1927 three years after Champion Hurdle was introduce followed by the introduction of Queen Mother Champion Chase in the year 1959 and the World Hurdle in the year 1972. Till then it became the featured race of the festival and until today twenty years after it still remained as a featured race until it became the Cheltenham gold cup which is now considered as the most prestigious race in the entire duration of the festival. The first horse that wins the race at that time was Red Splash ridden by Dick Rees.

Through the years number of showpiece races has been intermittently added to the festival and just six years ago National Hunt’s premier horse racing betting event turned into a four day of a spectacular event. And because of the spectacular events provided during festivals, attendance at Cheltenham exceeds for about 200,000 over the course of one week.

This race has been run every year but then there five instances due to special circumstances that the festival was cancelled. It was first cancelled in the year 1932 due to frozen course then it was followed by the cancellation of event in the 1937 due to floods, world war two was the reason for the event to be suspended by the year 1943 and 1944 and lastly in the year 2001 due to foot and mouth outbreak.

Up to this day Cheltenham festival is still part as one of the most recognize major festival, and what was just two day event before now became a three to four day event with an increasing numbers of bettors and sports enthusiast that is expected to join the wonderful event, and this people usually comes from different walks of life and from different places all over the world. as of the upcoming festival it is expected that people would double in numbers as compared to last year’s attendance and with a good number of attendance comes a good number of pounds spent on hospitality and drinks alone not to mention a good moment with friends and family who are also joining festivity.